Straight A Students Guide To Law School: 8 Unconventional secrets that professors will not tell you (Straight A Law Student)

ATTENTION : THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK OF THE STRAIGHT A LAW STUDENT SERIES. MAKE SURE TO READ THE SECOND BOOK "LAW SCHOOL EXAMS: SECRETS OF STRAIGHT A STUDENTS" TO GUARANTEE YOURSELF AN A ON EVERY EXAM. The first book teaches you in full detail how to study like a straight A law student, and the second book teaches you to write exams like a straight A law student. You will not find this advice in ANY other book or blog Our book was not only written BY recent law graduates FOR law students, IT WAS WRITTEN BY THE TOP 2% LAW STUDENTS IN TOP 3 LAW SCHOOLS who have succeeded using this advice . This guide will offer you firsthand and realistic step-by-step advice that is detailed, unlike any other book. Our book focuses on increasing YOUR GRADES . This secret advice is known by the top 2-5% students and not usually shared by professors or students who graduated a long time ago (before the 2000's). Be careful about WHO the advice you're getting is from. We teach you how to have a high rank, because we have succeeded doing that ourselves. This book teaches you: 1. How to study very efficiently in law school; 2. What skills to focus on to ace your exams and later become employed; 3. How to argue and think creatively like the top 2-5% students in law school and lawyers; 4. How to intelligently prepare for an ACED exam and guarantee yourself an A. ...And much much more! This book will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and pursue other commitments while still EXCELLING in law school. We did not graduate in the 90's, we graduated in 2019! So you are GUARANTEED the very LATEST and realistic firsthand advice from the very top law students in Top 3 schools who made it BIG yet started from the bottom. The mainstream advice offered by professors and most law students only brought us Cs no matter how hard we worked. However, when we used OUR own success code, we ended up at the Top 2%, efficiently. FIND OUT how to crack the law school code, learn our efficient strategies. It will SAVE you time and energy. Thanks to our advice, you will be able to do everything you WISH you had time for in law school. You will say to yourself "IF ONLY I KNEW THIS EARLIER". Whether you're in pre-law or currently a law student, this is your ticket to straight As. Don't miss out! This strategy is simple enough for everyone to understand yet effective enough to CHANGE YOUR RECORD. Click "Add to Cart" right now and order yours today! Let us know in the reviews, by email: info.lawschoolgirl@gmail.com, or on instagram @thelawschoolgirl if this book was helpful and if you have any further questions. We are ready and available to help you become an A student, AND WE WILL REPLY. Watch free videos on our Youtube channel for more advice: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfSJtpd1KpqFQN9InshWlKQ?view_as=subscriber

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Book Title: Straight A Students Guide To Law School: 8 Unconventional secrets that professors will not tell you (Straight A Law Student)

Book Author: The Law School Girl

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ISBN: 1071083058