Flare: The Bridge

Book Three: Flare - The BridgeWhat would a mother do to give her kids peace and safety in a dangerous new world?What bridges will she be willing to build to make that happen?Build them or burn them, she would do anything for her kid's future.All Lila wants to do is get her kids far away from the city to her father's farm where they can rest and be safe from the chaos that has consumed the world. She is shocked beyond belief by the changes he's made to the property since she was last there for her mother's funeral. Not only has her childhood home been completely changed but she arrives just as an old feud is kicked up into an all-out war.There are family and community bridges that she will have to build and if that doesn't work, she'll not only set them on fire, she'll blow the damn things up!

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Book Title: Flare: The Bridge

Book Author: Theresa Shaver

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