The School of Life Dictionary

A dictionary is a guide to a language. This dictionary is for the distinctive language that The School of Life ‘speaks’: that of emotions. It is an alphabetical selection of some 200 words and phrases that shed light on our feelings about ourselves, other people, and the workings of the modern world. Too often, we struggle to find the right words to explain what we mean; The School of Life’s dictionary is a tool to help us convey our true intentions with economy and precision. The School of Life – an organisation dedicated to making sense of our emotional lives – offers us a complete vocabulary with which to understand some of our key emotional states and ideas and to express them succinctly and successfully to the world. Definitions include: AddictionAngerEudaimoniaFOMOGood MaterialismInner VoicesMeaningful WorkNaggingPhilosophical MeditationSane Insanity

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Book Title: The School of Life Dictionary

Book Author: The School of Life

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ISBN: 0995753598