In Praise of Folly: The Blind-spots of Geniuses

Travelling to the hard-living Dylan Thomas s Boathouse in Laugharne, Wales, psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple considered along the way another foible the folly of eminent people. Praised for their attainments in one area, high-achievers are more often than not prone to unexpected failings elsewhere. Enter a large cast of anti- and vivisectionists, surgeons, theologians, philosophers, admirals, judges, astrophysicists, Nazi-leaning homoeopaths, and writers such as D.H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, P.G. Wodehouse, and Conan Doyle. In his pithy and amusing style, Dalrymple casts a sobering light on an insuppressible trait of ours the fallibility of the human mind.

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Book Title: In Praise of Folly: The Blind-spots of Geniuses

Book Author: Theodore Dalrymple

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ISBN: 1783341416