Bone Hunter (Isabella Hush Series Book 2)

A thief should never leave her doors unlocked…or uncharmed.Isabella accidentally asked for a favor from a dark fae master, and now he's calling in the chips. If she refuses to do his bidding to repay the debt, she'll lose the glamour on her apartment. If she agrees, she'll end up facing a seethe of blood-thirsty vampires. But relying on magic means getting involved with even more dangerous supernatural creatures, so she decides to take her chances on locks and alarms to stay safe. Until a 'visit' from one of Scottie's goons shows her she really has no choice at all... If she wants to stay under Scottie's radar, she must do as the fae asks. But paying back a fae bargain in order to maintain his protection comes with a steep price. One he certainly never mentioned she'd have to pay to make a deal with the Devil… If you loved Rune Thief, don't miss the next book in this exciting urban fantasy romance series. If you loved Rune Thief, you should not miss the next book in the series. Scroll up and grab your copy to start reading today.

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Book Title: Bone Hunter (Isabella Hush Series Book 2)

Book Author: Thea Atkinson

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