True Story Romance Special 2019

True Story Romance Special 2019In this special collection filled with romance, marriage and also hope you will find the comfort as well as the courage that comes from shared experiences. Plus in each story you can get the resolution for self-improvement and the encouragement to explore new possibilities. Read and be inspired.Stories include: . Shocking Proposal. Love With No Strings. Pickup Victim. I Had To Cheat To Teach My Husband Not To!. I Belong To 5 Women. A Witch Made Me Pregnant!. My Husband Bet My Body In A Poker GameAnd more….Excerpt:Later, after Frank had fallen asleep, I lay beside him wide-awake, restless— yet afraid to move, afraid of disturbing him. My head started aching again, and that made me more restless than ever. What was wrong between Frank and me? It used to be that whenever we made love, I had been raised to the heights of passion. Lately, though, like tonight, I found it more and more difficult to respond. Tonight I pretended to respond when actually I felt nothing.

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Book Title: True Story Romance Special 2019

Book Author: The Editors Of True Story And True Confessions

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ISBN: 1097159841