Upper Level ISEE: 1500+ Practice Questions

Add Digital Practice & Mock Tests for 3,300+ Questions!Get access to an EXTRA 1,900+ practice questions made exclusively for online practice. Get 5 simulated practice tests AND question sets organized by topic. Visit www.thetutorverse.com/digital to start practicing.Live Online Tutoring & ClassesAce your upcoming ISEE with help from expert tutors. Visit www.thetutorverse.com to learn more or enroll.100% Multiple Choice QuestionsAsk your tutor - we still have the most realistic ISEE prep questions! The ISEE is a multiple-choice test - choose books like this that are modeled like the real test!---2022 Update - We have made revisions to correct for minor errata and to improve the organization of the book.Not sure if you need the new edition? We can help you decide! Visit www.thetutorverse.com/books to open a ticket.---The Upper Level ISEE can be a very challenging test. Extra practice can make all the difference between a good score and a great score. That’s why this book has more questions than even 10 full-length exams - well over 1,500 practice questions dedicated only to the Upper Level ISEE. You won’t find any material in this book related to another test – there’s no filler here!In this book you will find:• Two full-length tests; a diagnostic test to help you pinpoint the areas in most need of improvement, and a practice test to help familiarize students with the real thing.• Critical skills and concepts broken out by topic, so students can zero-in on key areas.• Questions that progress in difficulty, to help students expand their knowledge base and prepare for tough questions.• 100 pages of detailed answer explanations available online at www.thetutorverse.com/books.This book can be used for independent practice or for study with a professional educator. For best results, we recommend using this book with a tutor or teacher who can help students learn more about new or particularly challenging topics.

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Book Title: Upper Level ISEE: 1500+ Practice Questions

Book Author: The Tutorverse

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ISBN: 1515297357