Kindergarten Writing Paper Landscape: With Dotted Lines

"It's the 21st century!""Everyone just types now...""Who even writes in cursive anymore?"... 🙄You might be asking yourself if anybody will even care about handwriting in the next 20 years or so. After all, smartphones and tablets are now the new forms of communication in the younger generation.So, the question is......To write or not to write...?Here are 3 interesting facts about handwriting that may surprise you:Hand-eye coordination has a direct association with academic performance. Not only does penmanship improve writing skills, but it also directly influences math and reading skills. The inability to write quickly and legibly can lead to laziness and poor self-esteem. People with better handwriting showed greater neural activation in the brain area linked to working memory.So maybe handwriting is still important, after all 😏If the above facts interest you, here are some facts about this notebook:✏️ It has a landscape orientation--so handwriting is less "packed in." ✏️ There are 100 pages of large 8.5x11" paper.✏️ Every page has dotted lines, so each letter will be precise.✏️ Printed, bound, and shipped directly from Amazon ( so you'll get it in ~2 days with prime).Buy yours nowAnd start working that brain!

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Book Title: Kindergarten Writing Paper Landscape: With Dotted Lines

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