The Naval War of 1812

This edition of Theodore Roosevelt's thorough and detailed work on the naval engagements in the War of 1812 includes all of his original tables, lists, diagrams, appendices and notes. As the future President's first book, The Naval War of 1812 shines as a fine example of military history. Commonly overlooked by historians to this day, the 1812 war's naval engagements form a seldom discussed history. Owing to Theodore Roosevelt's accessible style of writing, what might otherwise be a dry or ponderous subject is made exciting, enlightening and accessible. Published in 1882, two years after Theodore Roosevelt had graduated from Harvard University, this book is the result of its author seeking a challenge for his intellect and research capacities. Combing archives for British and American documents, Roosevelt strove for neutrality, presenting the facts and outcomes of each battle with the impartiality of a professional historian. The book begins by introducing the politics of the early 19th century, and the grievances between Great Britain and the United States which resulted in the war. Unflinching in his criticism of the USA's lack of preparedness, Roosevelt lays much of the blame at the feet of Thomas Jefferson, who declared war as a means of resolving trade disputes whilst lacking the military might to defeat Britain. We then see an episodic account of the battles, arranged chronologically between the years of 1812 and the war's conclusion in 1815. Each battle is considered in turn, with the naval manoeuvres, equipment, battle commanders, and casualties noted. Sketched diagrams accompany several of the engagements, while charts arrange and compare various numerical details. Roosevelt is careful to note the various specifications of the ships and their guns, gathered during his ample researches. The weight and type of the shot used, the design of the individual vessels, and the competence and experience of the commanders on both sides are detailed. Aged just twenty-three when he published this work, Roosevelt was lauded for his understanding and accurate presentation of naval terminology.

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Book Title: The Naval War of 1812

Book Author: Theodore Roosevelt

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ISBN: 1537786628