Love-Based Mission: How to Create a Business That Serves Your Soul (Love-Based Business)

Part of the highly acclaimed Love-Based Business series that has been featured on numerous media outlets including Forbes, CBS and NPR. You’ve probably heard it before: Running a business is the very best way to fast-track your personal growth.According to Therese Skelly, who is considered one of the top mentors to women in business, the entrepreneurial journey is also a spiritual path.And becoming a love-based business owner will change your life!Skelly has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs embrace their true calling and build a business that allows them to fully express their souls' desire, and now she is sharing her proven methods in "Love-Based Mission."There is something specific that you and you alone are here to do for the world. It’s your soul’s purpose for your life. You were given the seeds—your unique way to serve, even if in the beginning you didn’t recognize them.This is the path to your distinct contribution.Now, it’s up to you to become the steward of that work!In the pages of this book, you’ll uncover what holds you back and discover who you must be to birth your mission-driven business. You’ll discover how to reach the personal and spiritual transformation you seek, along the way.The bottom line? Not only is it possible to learn to love your business, but even more importantly, you can learn to love yourself in an even deeper way.Consider this your guide to leveraging your role as an entrepreneur to access your next level of personal growth!

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Book Title: Love-Based Mission: How to Create a Business That Serves Your Soul (Love-Based Business)

Book Author: Therese Skelly

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