Employment Law in Practice (City Law School Manuals 09-10)

Employment Law in Practice equips the reader with a thorough grounding in substantive areas of employment law which are most frequently heard in employment tribunals, including unfair dismissal which has been updated with the new Code of Practice, breach of contract, discrimination, equal pay and family friendly provisions. Containing a dedicated chapter specifically focusing on the regulations and procedural aspects of employment tribunals, Employment Law in Practice fully equips the reader with knowledge of the workings of employment tribunals which will be essential for success in practice. Adopting a highly pragmatic approach aimed at preparing the reader for practice in employment tribunals, the manual contains a specialist section guiding the reader through the completion of forms, highlighting how to deal with interlocutory stages, how to use special procedures and accurately record settlements which will underpin their success in practice. New forms have been added to this edition to educate the reader on bringing and defending employment tribunal cases. Designed to accompany the employment law option on the Bar Professional Training Course, this manual is also appropriate for anyone who might require practical accessible guidance on conducting cases in employment law tribunals.

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Book Title: Employment Law in Practice (City Law School Manuals 09-10)

Book Author: The City Law School

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ISBN: 0199579199