PERU FOR TRAVELERS. The total guide : The comprehensive traveling guide for all your traveling needs. By THE TOTAL TRAVEL GUIDE COMPANY (English Edition)

The Best and Most Unique Peru Travel Guide Peru is one of the most mysterious and mythical lands that cover the surface of our planet. Our ancient civilization goes back 20.000 years in history and has left some of the richest archaeological heritage that is as important as Roman vestiges but rediscovered by the rest of the world only a mere hundred years ago. The landscape of our country is an astonishing amalgam of wilderness and rainforest, impenetrable forests, high altitudes, coastline and mountains and dunes that make it into the most bio diverse ecosystem in the world. The most important points of attractions in Peru are the sacred settlements of Machu Picchu, Cuzco and Lake Titicaca, or the least the most known ones. Peru is full of wonders and this guide will take you on a tour of Peru, combining the well known attractions with some of the most authentic experiences and enigmatic locations that will turn this vacation into a memorable experience for you to remember for ages to come. Peru is full of secrets and while even the locals aren’t fully aware of everything, there is so much to discover and talk about that I promise you won’t have a day’s worth of boredom or rest. It’s important to parallel your travels with the myths and legends of our ancestors because you will experience a deeper connection to these cryptic lands. A good place to start is by knowing about the famous Inca civilization, which worshipped the Sun hence, the title of this chapter and nickname of our country: “La tierra del sol/The land of the Sun”. The Inca Empire was the strongest and largest empire in the Americas, surpassing the Mayas and the Aztecs, and it included sizable regions of what today we call Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. Let this book guide you to the many places that you must see in Peru to make this trip a life changing event. This book is filled with suggested places to stay, from budget to luxurious, places to visit, local cuisines to try, and places to shop. All these suggested itineraries have been experienced first-hand and are all highly recommended to tourists. Experience a whole new world when you come and visit Peru. In this total guide you will find: Areas covered: History lessons/Best museums/Surfing/Adventure land off road trips/Wildlife spotting/ Peru neighborhood/Medical Tourism/Learn Spanish in Peru /Cooking and drinking/ Accommodation/Staying safe/Music/Festivities - General Information of each area - Area Transportation (how to get around i.e. car, bus, taxi, train, bicycle, etc. and how much it would cost) - Sightseeing (Best Sights to See, Off the Beaten Path) - Best shopping (where are the major shopping districts and what they are known for) - Bargain Alternatives (where the locals shop to avoid the high tourist crowds) - Things to do (recreation outdoor, indoor, events and festivals) - Local Food Specialties - Farmer's and Fish (Meat) Markets (Locations, dates and times of various markets) - Language, Political and Etiquette Considerations (What the average tourist should know and how to get along with the locals. Type of currency used and types of places that exchange currency) - Seasonal Considerations (Typical high and low temperatures, if there is a rainy season, if it snows, floods or is known for "heavy weather) - Comfort Services (Massage, hair and nail salons, spas, etc.) - Essential Services (Embassy locations, medical facilities, law enforcement, etc.) - Area specific discounts and coupons. So, download now this total guide and start traveling as you read! TAGSPeru travel, Peru vacations, Peru all inclusive, Peru tours, Peru tourism, Peru vacation packages, visit Peru, trips to Peru, Peru all inclusive resorts, Peru resorts, Peru travel guide, Peru packages, tours Peru, Peru excursions, where to go in Peru, Peru travel packages, Peru all inclusive vacations

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Book Title: PERU FOR TRAVELERS. The total guide : The comprehensive traveling guide for all your traveling needs. By THE TOTAL TRAVEL GUIDE COMPANY (English Edition)


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