Kindergarten Writing Paper Landscape: With Dotted Lines

"It's the 21st century!""Children type more now in 2021 than ever in human history...""Is it still important to teach my child excellent penmanship?" Perhaps children won't need as much help with handwriting as technology grows in the classroom. After all, smartphones, tablets, and computers are quickly changing the way primary school children are learning...both for teachers and for homeschooling parents.We probably shouldn't deny these facts,But are old school tactics still just as important? Here are 3 interesting facts about handwriting that may surprise you:Hand-eye coordination is linked to healthy academic performance. Strong penmanship doesn't just help with writing, but it also helps with math and reading skills too!The inability to write quickly and legibly can cause laziness and a poor self-image.People with better handwriting showed higher brain activity in the area linked to working memory.You just can't beat tried and true methods sometimes!Handwriting materials and styles may change over the years, but the benefits of handwriting...With a pencil and tablet paper...Simply can't be ignored. If the above facts interest you, here are some facts about this notebook:✏️ There are 100 pages of LARGE 8.5x11" tablet paper in landscape orientation. This helps your child write with confidence and ease as they learn to trace their letters.✏️ Every blank cursive sheet has dotted lines and a 1/2" inch height, helping them create consistent letters/numbers no matter if they are practicing calligraphy, cursive, or standard handwriting.✏️There is a list of 30 simple sentence starters at the beginning of the book to help spark their creativity.✏️ Your order will be printed, bound, and shipped directly from Amazon (so you'll get it in ~2 days with prime).Oh, and there a cursive alphabet AND a print alphabet at the beginning of this book... AND 4 rainbow letter tracing sheets in the back of the book too!So, what are you waiting for??Click "Add to Cart" Now!P.S. The price will soon increase to $6.99, so don't miss out on this limited-time discount! ~Great supplies to help both homeschooling parents and elementary classroom teachers.~

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Book Title: Kindergarten Writing Paper Landscape: With Dotted Lines

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