Bullet Journal - Beginner Friendly

Everyone's heard about bullet journaling, but getting started is not always easy. Our bullet journal comes with monthly and weekly spreads along with plenty of room to add your own content, in 210 pages ! Annual Planner - the whole year at a glance! Log your new year's resolutions or what you'd like to accomplish this year - moving to a new place, finding a new job, travelling more, or reading new book! The possibilities are endless.Goal checklist - plan your month ahead. What are your plans? Quickly jot down your monthly plan.Habit Tracker - at the beginning of each month you get a habit tracker along with your goal checklist. Here you can easily track anything you'd like. Think supplements you want to take, walking 5000 steps a day, period tracking, catching up with friends etc. Use color coding to easily track your habits. At the end of the month you'll see how you improved and where it could've gone better. And it's so easy!Weekly Planner - the weekly spread helps keep you organized and have a bird-eye view of the week ahead. Each day has its own goals list where you can fill it out with To-do's, thoughts or plans. After the weekly planner you get an empty dotted page to fill in with your own spreads. When in doubt, you can just doodle something! At the end of the month use the Brain Dump Spread to assess the month that just passed. Let go of things that no longer serves you.Along with the brain dump we included a 20 Point Checklist. This is provided to help you write down all the things you're proud you did in the past month. Think of it as a gratitude page. Well done! :)The bullet journal for beginners is here to help you get started with journaling. While providing different spreads, it also lets you make it your own with the blank dotted pages available. Get your own and discover planning is easy and fun! And dare we say, quite addictive :).

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Book Title: Bullet Journal - Beginner Friendly

Book Author: The Hidden Book Nook

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