Yaoified Love

YaoiCon! like stepping into a manga. Why had Rory Lewis waited so long to join this friendly, fun-loving group, cosplaying their favorite fictional characters, or browsing tons of merchandise? He’d finally found his people! Folks who didn’t run away when he gushed about his favorite Japanese authors, or look at him oddly for mentioning “Seme” or “Uke.” And the scantily-clad bishōnen aching to serve made the convention as close to Heaven as Rory might ever get. Running into a fantasy come to life, and watching confident Kyle Austin lose his clothing piece by piece in Bishie Bingo, fries Rory’s brain. He runs. Even worse than not seeing how far Kyle would go, Rory’s lost his chance to make a once-in-a-lifetime connection. A pushy best friend, Facebook, and Skype conspire to give Rory a second chance. Can life echo his favorite boy-love romance?

Book Details

Book Title: Yaoified Love

Book Author: Z. Allora

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1626220794