Loss of a Parent: Adult Grief When Parents Die

Expert guidance, effective healing exercises and experience from others who have lost a parent. Theresa lost her father in 2007 and struggled to come to terms with the loss. With a career in medical communications and a Master's degree in clinical research, Theresa Jackson has combined the most effective resources, healing practices for grief and expert guidance on bereavement. Sharing hers and others’ personal journeys of coming to terms with the loss of a parent, she hopes to help more bereaved adult children on their healing journeys. "Loss of a Parent" will help you:Gain some context by learning about the 7 stages of grief, which stage you might be in currently, and get an idea about what you might experience nextGuided exercises will help you work through your grief in a healthy wayUnderstand how complicated or prolonged grief is common, and gain insight into how to try and move onUnderstand that it’s okay to have confusing or unexpected thoughts and emotions, that people react differently to losing a parent, and that you are most likely ‘normal’ in how you’re feelingFeel less isolated in your grief, by reading the stories of how other people felt, and how they dealt with their lossOther people are saying... "This is such a good book for this difficult time. When my father passed away even though we had some indication of his declining health nothing could really prepare m for the tsunami of feelings. I belonged to a church and they were supportive but there was very little reading material at hand and this book would have been a valuable aid to help me understand or anticipate the effects of bereavement"“I bought this book after recently losing my mum. It is a very easy book to read and understand. I found that I could relate to both the experiences of the author and other case studies easily and it made me feel less alone at a very difficult time. The book addresses all the little issues (practical and emotional) that you may not be able to talk to others about." "I can relate to the Theresa’s story, as well as the other stories recounted in the book. I still have feelings about my father’s death that I need to process, and with my father’s birthday coming up, I need a book like this one to help guide me." "Even in the best of families’ conflict can tear the fabric of the family apart and I appreciated the guidance. Without giving too much away. The author’s writing was clear and helpful. It felt as if I was getting guidance from a friend and appreciate this book. Thank you!" Get your copy today.

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Book Title: Loss of a Parent: Adult Grief When Parents Die

Book Author: Theresa Jackson

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ISBN: 1973365634