Witches Almanac 2008 (Witches Almanac: Complete Guide to Lunar Harmony) (Issue 27)

The Witches' Almanac has been acclaimed for the quality of its content, art, and design since 1971. It now appears in an excellent updated format. Enlarged to a six-by-nine-inch size, the annual publication offers 136 pages of reading pleasure. The beautifully designed new color cover is laminated to provide a sturdy, "always a keepsake" finish. This year's article lineup is world-class; articles include: Hsi Wang Mu and peach-tree immortality, the horoscope of Dr. Emoto and a look into his research (positive thought's effect on water crystals), consequences of trance, cryptic Enoch unveiled, women athletes of ancient Greek Olympics, interpreting the Year of the Rat, and a history of Tarot. You will relish sassy Roman shrewdness with Aesop and a Nigerian wisdom tale: both ancient in origin, both full of fun. Plus, we include "Aphrodite and Adonis" from our newest publication, Greek Gods in Love, by Barbara Stacy: The flighty goddess of love falls head over heels for the handsomest of mortals. Along with the new, old favorites still abound: the Moon Calendar, astrology by Dikki-Jo Mullen, and weather forecasts from climatologist Tom Lang. As always, this is a delightful companion for adept, occultist, and those who simply enjoy gleaning lore and legends, ancient rituals, herbal secrets, interviews and biographies, mystic incantations, and many a curious tale of good and evil. Arcane symbols and intriguing graphic images, including many rare medieval woodcuts, always add to the enjoyment of The Witches' Almanac.

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Book Title: Witches Almanac 2008 (Witches Almanac: Complete Guide to Lunar Harmony) (Issue 27)

Book Author: Theitic

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ISBN: 097737033X