The Army Lawyer: A History of the Judge Advocate Generals Corps, 1775-1975 (English Edition)

United States ArmyThis history celebrates the Bicentennial of The Judge Advocate General's Corps of the United States Army. The Corps joins its military colleagues to mark the second century of progress in honorable service to the nation. Army lawyers have been with their commanders in that national service since the beginning: the institution of the Army lawyer is but 23 days younger than the Army of 1775 commanded by George Washington. War has been said to be an impersonal thing, and in many respects it is. However, armies are necessarily composed of human beings-who perform or influence the performance of great actions; who bring new growth and new challenge; and who have the capacity to leave a legacy of honor, hard work and respect for the law. This is a history of such people. It is also a history of the law they practiced, where their deeds and dreams depend for explanation upon the conditions and circumstances of their time. Many kinds of lawyers appear here in text and vignette. Wells Blodgett, Blanton Winship and Eugene Caffey were combat soldiers of great distinction, wearers of the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross or Silver Star. Important, too, were the citizen-soldiers, members of the Reserve and National Guard, who left home and work to answer wartime needs. There are "great" names, too: John Marshall and Felix Frankfurter of the Supreme Court; great law teachers such as John Chipman Gray, Edmund Morgan, and John Henry Wigmore; and such prominent public servants as Henry L. Stimson, Enoch Crowder, Patrick J. Hurley, and Leon Jaworski. The unique American military legal system both produced and is the product of great lawyers. After John Adams, who introduced the first major criminal code in the Continental Congress in 1776, the efforts of men like William Winthrop, Samuel Ansell and Kenneth Hodson produced proud chapters in the history of the law

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Book Title: The Army Lawyer: A History of the Judge Advocate Generals Corps, 1775-1975 (English Edition)

Book Author: The Judge Advocate General’s School

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