Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How

            In Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How, Kaczynski compellingly argues for why rational control over the development of society is forever impossible.  Rather than being guided by “reason,” Kaczynski shows that a universal process analogous to biological natural selection operates autonomously on all dynamic systems and that this process primarily determines all significant historical developments.  Furthermore, Kaczynski argues for why the direct consequences of uncontrollable technological growth necessarily leads to a disastrous disruption of the natural equilibrium of global biological and human social systems.           Based on this new understanding of social and biological change, and by way of an extensive historical and theoretical examination of prior social movements and revolutions, Kaczynski argues that there is only one route available to effect substantial influence on the course of human development to avoid the disaster that technological growth entails: a revolution against technology and industrial society. To this end, Kaczynski offers a practical, “grand-strategic” prescription for the only realistic way to significantly alter the course of society to prevent the fast-approaching technological disaster.

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Book Title: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How

Book Author: Theodore Kaczynski

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ISBN: 1944228004