LIFE Anne Frank: The Diary at 70: Her Life and Her Legacy

In 1942, a young girl named Anne Frank was given a diary as a 13th birthday present. In it, she recorded her thoughts and experiences as her family-German Jews living in Amsterdam-went into hiding to attempt to escape the Nazi regime. They were finally found out and did not survive to the end of the war, but the subsequent publication of Anne's moving, mature and often beautiful diary made her into one of the most significant chroniclers of the Holocaust. The diary has been translated into 70 languages, with 25 million copies sold, and the lessons of Anne Frank's life continue to be learned anew every day.Includes:How Adolf Hitler came to power-and how the Frank family realized they would have to go into hidingThe experiences that convinced Anne Frank she was meant to be a writerWhat happened to Anne and her family after they were discoveredThe world's response to the publication of Anne's diary in 1947 and the impact it has had in the seven decades sincePlus: An introduction by President Bill ClintonPlease note that this product is an authorized edition published by Time Inc. and sold by Amazon. This edition is printed using a high quality matte interior paper and printed on demand for immediate fulfillment.

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Book Title: LIFE Anne Frank: The Diary at 70: Her Life and Her Legacy

Book Author: The Editors of LIFE,President Bill Clinton

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ISBN: 1683309286