Life In Harmony

"What do you want in life? What do you think will make you happy? Maybe these are the wrong questions to ask. Perhaps better questions might be - what do you not want in life? What does not make you happy?" The SandmanThe Sandman built his own personal resort in a Florida forest, next to a lake, primarily using sandbags. He calls it Harmony. He embraces simple living and enjoying the wonders of nature. He began eating whole foods (often cooked with solar ovens), became debt free, and simplified material things, including his clothing. His 240 page book "Life In Harmony" describes his journey to simple living and has dozens and dozens of color photographs of the many sandbag projects he has built. Now he enjoys the fruits of his labor when spending time in Harmony.

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Book Title: Life In Harmony

Book Author: The Sandman

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ISBN: 1728822041