Under the Purple Moon

Even Tess couldn’t have orchestrated this “meet-cute” with a young, attractive San Francisco architect if she’d written the scene herself.When Tess Simóne meets Nolan Reynolds on a secluded and quaint Northern California coastal beach in Jenner, it wasn’t exactly the inspiration she was seeking while composing her next bestseller. In fact, she wasn’t searching for a leading man for her book or her own life, for that matter. But Nolan was instantly smitten over the unapproachable writer on the beach. He tried everything he could think of to get Tess to respond favorably, while Tess only tried his patience. It wasn’t that Tess didn’t find her intruder charming, and although, much younger than she; it was her fear of falling for someone whom she couldn’t love because of the secret waiting for her in her villa overlooking scenic Napa Valley. Tess had fallen in love once before, but that relationship was met with tragic consequences.However, Nolan would not take ‘no’ for an answer and persistently pursued Tess, despite her pleas to give up and leave her alone, until one fateful day when his attempts to capture Tess’s heart, once and for all, were challenged, and he was unmatched.Under the Purple Moon is part one of a suspenseful, two-part thriller that will also take you on a tour of the beautiful Napa Valley and the surrounding region. Look for the sequel, Under the Cover of Darkness, to continue the drama that may have you thinking twice about turning off the lights at night.Hey Romantics! Follow Theresa E. Liggins on her website: www.RomantiCreations.com, on social media, and join Club RomantiCreations.

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Book Title: Under the Purple Moon

Book Author: Theresa E Liggins

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