Marcus Aurelius: Genius Roman Emperor: Great Biographies, Book 1

Marcus Aurelius was an outstanding person and Emperor of Ancient Rome. He was far more concerned with ways of thinking than with warfare. Being a small boy he applied himself to task with education. Marcus preferred others over himself, putting his own welfare aside for the good of other people. His nature is obvious in his kindness and consideration for others; but his sharp intelligence is also evident in his writing and in his excellence in jurisprudence. People called him a Great Emperor and a Philosopher King.  Inside you will listen about:  The Young Marcus Training in Oratory Antoninus's reign Antoninus's death Philosopher turned Emperor Marcus and Lucius's reign The Slumbering Tiber The War with the Parthians The Antonine plague The youngest Consul in Roman history The End of the Pax Romana And much more! This audiobook is a chronological biography of his life. Its aim is to not only describe the historical events of his life, but also to delve into his character. It explores who the man really was, especially the contrast between the high station thrust upon him and the simplicity he longed for.

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Book Title: Marcus Aurelius: Genius Roman Emperor: Great Biographies, Book 1

Book Author: The History Hour,Jerry Beebe

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