Reading Smart, 2nd Edition: Simple Strategies for Improved Reading (Smart Guides)

SIMPLE STRATEGIES CAN MAKE YOU A BETTER READER.Being “good at reading” isn’t just about speed—it’s about being able to read through info, quickly sort out what’s important, and draw useful connections. That’s why we at The Princeton Review created Reading Smart, a book designed to help people who have a hard time keeping up with assignments, understanding novels, or even absorbing news articles. Reading Smart will give you the skills and strategies you need to read efficiently and build your confidence as both a reader and thinker.Within Reading Smart, you'll find:TECHNIQUES THAT ACTUALLY WORK.• Straightforward advice for boosting reading comprehension• Specific techniques and step-by-step approaches to all types of texts, from newspapers to novels to test passages• Tips for pacing yourself to get the most out of what you read• Comprehensive guidance on how to extract important information from passages, whether it’s big-picture concepts or key detailsPRACTICE YOUR WAY TO EXCELLENCE.• Reading comprehension drills and exercises in every chapter to help improve your scores on standardized and classroom tests• Sample passages to help you get comfortable with different kinds of texts• Bonus online drills to help reinforce the reading skills and strategies covered in the book

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Book Title: Reading Smart, 2nd Edition: Simple Strategies for Improved Reading (Smart Guides)

Book Author: The Princeton Review

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