Through the Brazilian Wilderness

A former American president nearly dies during an ill-planned exploration through the Brazilian Wilderness and down the River of Doubt. Theodore Roosevelt was a naturalist, explorer, author, hunter, governor, soldier and 26th President of the United States. In 1913, he joined with Brazilian explorer Candido Rondon to explore portions of Brazil and to bring back animal specimens for the American Museum of Natural History. In this first person narrative, never before recorded as an audio book, President Theodore Roosevelt describes his expedition along rivers, which are home to deadly Piranha fish, through almost impenetrable forests filled with insects, snakes and wild animals. Roosevelt witnesses primitive Indian tribes, wary of strangers and a murder among his increasingly desperate men, before he is nearly defeated by the River of Doubt.

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Book Title: Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Book Author: Theodore Roosevelt,Andre Stojka,Listen 2 Read, LLC.

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ISBN: B006O347A6