The Seven Last Words of Christ: Vocal score

Dubois' oratorio was given its premiere on Good Friday (April 19), 1867 at Église de la Madeleine in Paris under the composer's direction. Although first published in 1886 by Georges Hartmann of Paris, the vocal score presented here is a digitally enhanced reprint of the one first produced in 1899 by G. Schirmer of New York, with an English translation beneath the original Latin text by Theodore Baker (1851-1934). This score has been carefully reviewed, with measure numbers and rehearsal letters added. It is now completely compatible with the widely available full score and orchestral parts issued by Edwin F. Kalmus. The large (A4) size makes it particularly easy to read for choruses both at both professional and community levels.

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Book Title: The Seven Last Words of Christ: Vocal score

Book Author: Theodore Dubois,Theodore Baker

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ISBN: 1932419845