In Times of Peace: Dance of Darkness and Light Episode 1

Against the backdrop of an immortal War that has entered into its final chapter…A girl and a boy from a ravaged planet hope to start the first chapter of their new lives…But no one could see what was lurking in the darkness that lies beyond what their eyes can see…A SAGA SPREAD ACROSS THE UNIVERSE WITH A VERY GROUNDED CAST OF CHARACTERS...As The Empire prepares for the inevitable war against an unseen, unimagined enemy from beyond the realm of the known, an enemy that is determined to destroy everything at any cost... a group youngsters from far and wide are brought together to begin their initiation into The Imperium and face their faceless foe... and in this group of outstanding people there are two that stand out...  a girl and a boy... They are the first of their people to be allowed back into The Imperium in generations... for it was generations ago that the rebellion against The Empire had failed and their people were pushed into exile, an exile that had to come to an end when the War came calling... but as they're now being cautiously welcomed back into the mainstream fold... some are more careful about it than others... Join them as they try and find a place for themselves in a changing new world as their old world begins to collapse… two lost souls alone in the vast star system trying to help each other find their true paths... just as a great War charges ahead on its path to them!DESTINIES WILL BE CHANGED... LIVES WILL BE LOST... WHEN THE PAST & PRESENT COLLIDE!The epic story that was in the making for a thousand millennia… is finally ready to be told…This is that story... the story of an epic war between Darkness & Light... the story of how an immortal war finally died... this is the story of the Dance of Darkness & Light...Witness the beginning of the end with… Episode 1...

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Book Title: In Times of Peace: Dance of Darkness and Light Episode 1

Book Author: The Loneliest Lone Wolf

Book Category: -

ISBN: B08ZN3S225