Affidavit General: Ready-to-use, legally binding, fill-in-the-blanks law firm template with instructions.

With this quick and simple guide, non-lawyers can create their own document with ease. Comes with a fill-in-the-blanks legal template, drafted and edited by licensed attorneys for use in all 50 States and Washington, D.C. Order your Affidavit General today!Free Bonus Material:• Learn the difference between a contract and agreement. Not 1 in 1,000 people know this! Choose the wrong one, and you could wind-up with a costly lawsuit and face financial ruin.• The MOST crucial element for avoiding expensive litigation and behind closed-door, high-fee consultations with your attorney.• Precisely "when and how" you should write your own document (This may surprise you, but you should NEVER fill-in another legal document until you've read this first!)• How to keep your document simple! Forget everything you've ever been told... this is the ONLY tip you'll ever need!• How to know if your legal document is 100% binding and enforceable! Shockingly, most agreements never hold up in a court of law. But once you're armed with this crucial piece of information, you'll never have to worry about being "financially raped" by the legal system!• Why and how to include the right usage of names and addresses in your document. (Get this one wrong and you can forget about ever winning your case in a court of law. Your legal document won't be worth the paper it's written on.)• How to lawfully recover "employee training expenses" when he or she leaves your employ. • How to sign a legal document so that you cannot be held liable in a court of law.• Key elements to look for in a legal contract before you sign it! (Don't ever sign another legal contract until you've got this down cold!) • Why you should NEVER use a friend, family member or relative as an independent witness.• How specific legal clauses can protect you when doing business in another state or province.• Why using an "interpretation clause" is a powerfully-effective strategy to legally protect yourself. • Discover what legal clauses lawyers intentionally leave out of contracts so that they can expect to litigate later.• What makes one legal contract different (and, infinitely better) than other written contracts.• How to use the guides alternative/optional attorney clauses for ironclad legal protection.• Plus... many other legal tips and invaluable information.Scroll up and order your law firm template today!

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Book Title: Affidavit General: Ready-to-use, legally binding, fill-in-the-blanks law firm template with instructions.

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