The Very Best Of The Best Of True Confessions, Volume 3

This new collection, The Very Best Of The Best Of True Confessions Volume 3, contains accounts of unique perspectives and relationships, like a woman seeing UFOs and a wife's tale of her life with her rodeo rider husband. Reading any of these heartwarming stories will open your eyes to life’s possibilities and inspire your journey. Stories include: Our Close Encounter with a UFO! My Baby Set Himself on Fire . . . Summer of Yearning I Lassoed a Cowboy! My Nightmare Is Real I Was an Orphaned Child … and more! Excerpt: As we got out of the car to find out what was going on, a big, rotund man at the side of the road exclaimed, “Oh, no, I don’t believe it! I see it with my own eyes, and I don’t believe it!” “What’s happening?” a teenage kid asked. “Someone jump?” “Well, look. Just look!” said a skinny man who stood next to the large man. Then I saw it—the strange, unearthly object with the eerie, pulsating glow. It was round and very weird looking. Just staring at it, as it hovered menacingly above the peaceful valley, was enough to make me shiver. “It’s a flying saucer!” someone cried. “I’m scared.”

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Book Title: The Very Best Of The Best Of True Confessions, Volume 3

Book Author: The Editors Of True Story And True Confessions

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ISBN: 1546373543