Crystal-Gazing (Cosimo Classics Paranormal) Theodore Besterman

Book Description:
Title: Crystal-Gazing (Cosimo Classics Paranormal)
Author: Theodore Besterman.
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Crystal-Gazing (Cosimo Classics Paranormal)

Theodore Besterman Crystal-Gazing (Cosimo Classics Paranormal)

From the point of view of the scryer telepathy can be of two kinds, experimental and spontaneous.-from "Telepathy"Perhaps the first comprehensive exploration of the ancient art of crystal gazing ever written-and still considered the best-this intriguing 1924 volume roams the history of civilization, from Greece and Rome to modern Europe to aboriginal Australia, to gather fascinating commonalities in the global practice of "scrying." Besterman, a student of the paranormal, discusses:. scrying in legend and tradition. scrying in literature. the procedures of scrying. related phenomena: automatic writing, hauntings, and multiple personalities. why scrying works. and more.Also available from Cosimo Classics: Besterman's A Dictionary of Theosophy.British bibliographer, and editor Theodore Besterman (1904-1976) is remembered chiefly as a scholar of the philosopher Voltaire, though his interests ranged from anthropology to the paranormal. His many books include Annie Besant: A Modern Prophet and Divining Rod: An Experimental and Psychological Investigation.