The Triathletes Training Journal: The Perfect Training Resource to Track, Improve and Become a Stronger Race Competitor

The Triathlete's Training Journal is the Ultimate Training Tool to record your training sessions, track each of your disciplines, and develop a system to improve your overall performance. Developed and designed in consultation with former Australian Triathlete of the Year and Founder of Beckworth Racing, Adam Beckworth, The Triathlete's Training Journal is the perfect training and race tool that is ideal for triathlete's looking to build data and metrics on their training sessions.The Triathlete's Training Journal provides the ideal format for recording the essential details in a physical format that provides 'real-time' accountability that some online systems and training software programs fail to deliver. The Triathlete's Training Journal includes:Section 1 > Performance Goals – Develop your Goals for Training and Season RacesSection 2 > Training Logbook – Over 80 Template Training Session Pages to record all of your information Plus an individual insert page after every 7th training session to monitor and track performance. Record weather conditions, metrics such as weight, sleeping patterns, and your mental training state.Include coach feedback, distances, and times in training.Section 3 > Race Logbook – Record all Race Details and track performance and feedback.Race location, entry costs, times, race reflection notes.Section 4 > Collect notes, messages, and add photos of your training sessions, coach instructions, and race events for an excellent keepsake for reflection at the end of each season.Perfect journal size of 7 x 10 inchPlus, much, much moreAthletes looking to improve their performance understand the importance of developing goals, tracking and monitoring their training sessions, and recording race information, and improving their results. This journal tick's all those boxes. Maintaining an accurate log of your Training and Race data will provide highly valuable information that can then be used to track and ultimately improve performance. 'The Triathlete's Training Journal' is your perfect training companion.

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Book Title: The Triathletes Training Journal: The Perfect Training Resource to Track, Improve and Become a Stronger Race Competitor

Book Author: The Life Graduate Publishing Group

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