Contents introduction The official band score of an album "DIVISION" by the GazettE member editorial supervision is sale determination on "February 3"! [The contents of fullness] ■ The matching band score of an album "DIVISION" ■ Publish a live photograph and a use equipment photograph to the beginning-of-a-book color 16P. ■ With thorough rendition description ■ The exact musical score by the member editorial supervision which passed through fine coverage and check 01.GABRIEL ON THE GALLOWS02.DERANGEMENT 03. DRIPPING INSANITY04. Reverberation 05. Distortion 06. kagefumi07. Pupa of Basket 08. Sludge 09.ATTITUDE10.REQUIRED MALFUNCTION

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Book Title: The GazettE/DIVISION (BAND SCORE)

Book Author: the GazettE

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ISBN: 4285135175