Catriona: Large Print

The 25th day of August, 1751, about two in the afternoon, I, David Balfour, came forth ofthe British Linen Company, a porter attending me with a bag of money, and some of thechief of these merchants bowing me from their doors. Two days before, and even solate as yestermorning, I was like a beggar-man by the wayside, clad in rags, broughtdown to my last shillings, my companion a condemned traitor, a price set on my ownhead for a crime with the news of which the country rang. To-day I was served heir tomy position in life, a landed laird, a bank porter by me carrying my gold,recommendations in my pocket, and (in the words of the saying) the ball directly at myfoot.

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Book Title: Catriona: Large Print

Book Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

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