Somali Piracy Yearbook for 2008

Somali pirates set new records in 2008 in numbers of ships taken, in tonnages captured, and in ransoms paid. Merging and refining data from news reports and anti-piracy bureaus, this comprehensive yearbook collects every incident for every ship reported in 2008 whether off the Somali coast or in the Gulf of Aden; it composites the fullest description of each incident; it records all ransom data (and rumors); it describes ships' cargo and crew manning wherever possible; and it presents comprehensive lists and chronologies. Useful appendices include UN resolutions, press releases, and a press conference transcript with the regional U.S. commander. The year 2008 marked a breakout for the Somali piracy "industry" and this yearbook includes analysis on how and why this happened. (This volume is the predecessor of and companion to Somali Piracy Yearbook for 2009)

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Book Title: Somali Piracy Yearbook for 2008

Book Author: The Editors of Mid-East Business Digest

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ISBN: 1935910000