Footprints on a Small Planet (English Edition)

In 1998, Theodore P. Druch and Maria Ruiz pulled up stakes, sold everything, and at age 58, set off, with their two Miniature Schnauzers and a Siamese cat, on a ten-year Odyssey around the world. Living in cities such as Bangkok, Nairobi, and Buenos Aires, they also spent years traveling to far-flung places at the ends of the earth like Komodo, Borneo, Darjeeling, and the remote Vietnamese village of Sapa, deep in the mountains along the border with China. This book is the story of their travels in Mexico and Central America in an old motor home, traveling Mesoamerica from top to bottom. Richly embellished with a wealth of description of natural beauties; vivid re-creations of life in the ancient ruined cities of the Maya; eyewitness testimony to the erosion of our planetary environment; and sometimes hilarious accounts of their adventures learning the ropes, this potpourri of travel writing, fiction, and relaxed good humor is sure to keep you glued to the page.

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Book Title: Footprints on a Small Planet (English Edition)

Book Author: Theodore P. Druch

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