Love at the Lake (English Edition)

Gene and Kelsey dreamed of building a life together since they fell in love in high school. They met as children when Gene’s family moved in across the street and became a part of her already big Irish Catholic family. When they were teens, they started planning their future. Kelsey would finish college, Gene's band was going to be successful, they would get married, have lots of kids and be happy. It was 1974, what could go wrong?But the best laid plans often go awry. Kelsey got pregnant at nineteen and lost the baby. Her parents devised a plan to keep her and Gene apart. They wanted a more stable future for their daughter than the wife of a musician. Forty years later, Gene and Kelsey find each other again. Will they find true love again? Is there such a thing at their age?

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Book Title: Love at the Lake (English Edition)

Book Author: Theresa Berweiler

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