The Mathematics Calendar 2016

The Mathematics Calendar continually reminds us how mathematics describes nature, impacts the sciences, influences the arts, is inseparable from music, stimulates and creates new technologies, and reveals the dimensions of our universe through its ever-evolving ideas and insights. Thirty-six years after its inception, The Mathematics Calendar continues to awe its audience with its cutting edge math topics, its all new exciting graphics, and its mind-boggling problems. The 2016 edition includes 12 new fascinating math topics illustrating the incredible influence of mathematics on our lives. Each day of every month has a problem, whose solution is the date. The challenge lies in figuring how to arrive at the answer, and possibly discovering more than one method of solving the date's problem. Each month's text, photos, and graphics have a wealth of information and are even sprinkled with a bit of humor. The 12 topics feature exciting, historic, and current math ideas and topics. Wherever it is seen, it's a conversation item because it is more than a calendar -- it has tantalizing problems on each day and a treasure trove of information, games, puzzles, and stories. The Mathematics Calendar has given hundreds of thousands of people a new perspective about math.

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Book Title: The Mathematics Calendar 2016

Book Author: Theoni Pappas

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ISBN: 1884550754