The Holy Man and The Assassin (Vampire Addictions Book 2)

As she digs into the dark world of the supernatural, something darker digs into her.Jade's first attempt at tricking someone into service for one of Magnus's elite vampire clients turns ugly fast, and she barely escapes with her life. She was supposed to be luring the worst of humanity, not innocent victims. She can't just send fellow mortals to either eternal enslavement or certain death and come away without scars of her own.But one does not escape the world of the undead so easily. A fact that becomes clear when she witnesses a hit and run and realizes the woman whose life she is trying to save, just might be trying to take hers. The holy man she begs for help is on a mission of his own… and it's not so pure.Whatever she has stepped into is bad. Bad enough that it has Magnus afraid. And if something can make an ancient and powerful vampire afraid, then it has to be terrifying.Maybe even terrifying enough to force Jade into Gio's arms…If you are missing Eric and Sookie and are looking for a new vampire romance with mystery and action to keep you glued to the page, you'll love Vampire Addictions. Scroll up and grab book two.

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Book Title: The Holy Man and The Assassin (Vampire Addictions Book 2)

Book Author: Thea Atkinson

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