Grammar Smart: An Audio Guide to Perfect Usage

The words you use say a lot about you...but the way you put them together says even more. Your grammar makes an immediate - and lasting - impression on your boss, your co-workers, your teachers, and even your friends. So don't make the mistake of thinking that grammar is too complicated or boring for anyone but linguists and nerds. We all use grammar, but many of us could use it better. We've created Grammar Smart, a witty, irreverent, and entertaining approach to grammar to help you write and speak with clarity and confidence. Grammar Smart will teach you how to choose between "that" and "which," decide when to use "like" instead of "as," and know for sure if it's "between you and I" or "between you and me." This program includes: Funny examples and stories to illustrate correct usage Brief, interactive question-and-answer reviews The basic parts of speech - nouns, verbs, and adjectives Pronoun-verb agreement, parallel construction, the dreaded misplaced modifiers, and dangling participles - all without pain!

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Book Title: Grammar Smart: An Audio Guide to Perfect Usage

Book Author: The Princeton Review,Living Language

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ISBN: B00006393M