Thelwells Top Dog

A hilarious canine compendium, essential for new and experienced dog owners alike. As every experienced dog owner knows, man's best friend is a complex bundle of appetites, instincts, and winsome wiles. Few first-time owners will realize, however, just what a responsibility they are taking on. So Norman Thelwell has kindly provided them with this invaluable handbook full of advice on choosing, training, feeding, exercising, and caring for our four-legged friends. It also emphasizes the importance of protecting one's own interests--not to mention those of one's neighbors--for an ill-trained hound will soon develop a healthy disrespect for law and order. Here is a superb cartoon collection designed to give every dog owner a new leash of life in the canine world.

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Book Title: Thelwells Top Dog

Book Author: Thelwell Norman

Book Category: -

ISBN: 0413762300