Golden Retriever Training & Breed Overview: How to Understand and Train Your Golden, by Using Positive Modern Techniques

If you want to understand and train your adorable golden better, without spending hundreds on a dog trainer, then keep reading.... Goldens are charming fur-balls of energy! These magical guys and gals become part of the family and teach us more than imaginable. They are loyal, intelligent, friendly, and change their owners lives forever. Un-trained goldens can be a little...“ruff” around the edges though! The breeds combination of high-energy and friendliness can easily lead to over-excitement. Jumping on strangers out of joy, chewing on pillows or your kids homework are just some of the issues inexperienced owners run into. This is where we come in! We are not only trainers, but a group of dog lovers and pet owners, who combined their knowledge to pass it on to others. We hope our work helps dog owners achieve a better understanding of their four legged friends and this way help lessen the abandonment of dogs, which sadly happens more and more. Here is just a little of what you will discover inside.... Why goldens are the perfect family pet. The 4 little known ways goldens communicate with you...besides barking. The secret to keeping their coats clean and healthy. The 2 main risks owners should be wary of during socialization. The 1 specific ingredient your goldens food must have to ensure a long, happy and healthy life. What their lifespan looks like in detail.  We all know the game “fetch”, but add these games your little guy or gal will love to the repertoire! The simple, but incredibly effective ways to train your golden retriever. How to deal with common misbehaviors. Don’t harshly punish...do this instead! The best way to effectively potty train your pup...with the least accidents.  Quick and simple commands that are easy to practice at home or on walks. And much, much more! If you are a new owner, with little time and you are feeling a little overwhelmed, the strategies in this book will guide you. Even if you have owned many dogs before and are highly experienced with them we encourage all golden owners/moms/dads to give this book a listen. It is stuffed with useful tips and facts you may not have considered or known about your blondie. So, if you’re ready to understand and train your golden with loving and positive techniques, then buy this book now. Have a pawsome day!

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Book Title: Golden Retriever Training & Breed Overview: How to Understand and Train Your Golden, by Using Positive Modern Techniques

Book Author: The Woof Brothers,Jake Johnson

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