Floral Funghi: An Adult Coloring Book of Detailed Flower Blooms, Mushrooms, Leaves and Berries

FLOWERS, MUSHROOMS AND DREAMY LEAVES FOR PLANT LOVERS EVERYWHERE! Floral Funghi is a delicate, ethereal adult coloring book that contains 30 original hand drawn illustrations by fine botanical artist Alyona Usenko. Each image is drenched with a variety of fluffy blooms, shroms, and greenery for hours of mindful entertainment. Printed on single sided pages so you can save your work. Experiment with colors, hues, mediums, blends and more thanks to the huge variety of plant types available to you for hours of relaxing coloring fun.★★★★★ TO SEE FULL INTERIOR IMAGES OF THIS COLORING BOOK, VISIT OUR DIGITAL HOMELAND BY ENTERING "JOLTBOOK" INTO GOOGLE SEARCH. ★★★★★Why this book is awesome:★ 30 original floral funghi in a variety of vignettes drenched with blooms, berries, leaves, and stars.★Hand Illustrated drawings by professional artist Alyona Usenko - you will find these nowhere else ♥★ Beautifully detailed clean lines of varying widths, which results in artwork suitable for fine point markers, pens and very patient pencil colorists!★ Set on an inset border for ease of use, with coloring notes section on the left of each page so you can keep track of what colors were used where. You will not need to worry about damaging the back of a coloring page, either! Coloring pages are all single sided with beautifully designed blacklit number pages between.★ Coloring swatch section accompanied with fine art color theory tips & tricks. This is great for growing as an artist but also for building cohesive color palettes!★ Illustrations are all single sided on large 8.5 x 11 pages printed on 60lb paper - NO duplicates! You can safely remove the images from the book and send them to a friend.This book is an amazing gift to colorists who enjoy unique, beautiful scenes, flowers, mushrooms, plants and leaves in their coloring books.♥ ABOUT THE ARTIST ♥Alyona lives in Russia, and specialises in botanical and book illustration with a whimsical flair. Her original drawings are inspired by her love of plants.♥ ABOUT THE PUBLISHER ♥The Coloring Hive is a highly creative producer of quirky, beautiful and unique coloring books. Founded by a fine artist with a background in magazine publishing, The Coloring Hive aims to cultivate joy and calm through publishing books illustrated by successful & emerging artists from around the world. Coloring makes the meditative benefits of creating art accessible for everyone, without repurposing the same free stock images found on the internet. 100% original, just like you.

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Book Title: Floral Funghi: An Adult Coloring Book of Detailed Flower Blooms, Mushrooms, Leaves and Berries

Book Author: The Coloring Hive,Alyona Usenko,Joltbook Publishing

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1990222048