10 Real SATs, Second Edition

This best-seller is revised to contain a new diagnostic CD-ROM and two of the latest SAT exams, making this the ONLY source of complete, official SAT's for practice.With more than 1/2 million copies sold, 10 REAL SATs is test prep from the test maker - the official source of information on the SAT. The revised edition includes two new SATs from the latest tests offered in May 2000. Educators agree that an excellent way to prepare for the SAT is to practice on full-length, actual tests, and the College Board's book is the only source of official, complete SATs. This book gives the student ten tests, plus test-taking tips and information on the PSAT/NMSQT Writing Skills section. Also included is a new CD-ROM containing a free diagnostic version of the College Board's most popular test prep program, One-on-One with the SAT. The diagnostic version allows students to take a mini SAT, view correct and incorrect responses, and create a plan of study to help them prepare for the SAT.

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Book Title: 10 Real SATs, Second Edition

Book Author: The College Board

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ISBN: 0874476542