The Magic Land

The magic land is a story of four kids who wished to spend five days in a magic land with beautiful stories. Sarah and her friends were intelligent students, but many of their mates often made fun of them because they rarely had fun like other kids. So, when Sarah discovered the magic book could grant what they desired, she was eager to know more about it, and have an amazing adventure with her friends." And somehow Santa Claus is integral to the story. “This place is really beautiful,” Nelson said, looking around. “See. Little mice” Jack called the attention of others. They all worked into the pack with different animals. Sarah saw a mother hen providing shelter for her chicks. She moved closer to the hen and played with one of her chicks, but the hen flipped her wings and dropped a very small flute. “What is this for?” Sarah asked, turning to Nelson. "I'm not sure what it is," Nelson replied. "Come, let’s go join Jack and Princess.” Nelson asked Sarah to follow him. On reaching Jack and Princess Side, they heaped some sawdust on their legs and were surprised to see the dust change to glittered pearls. “Oh. This is amazing.” Jack said happily, as he continued to heap the sawdust on his leg, and Nelson and Sarah joined them. "Hey. Little kitten" Sarah stopped when she saw a beautiful kitten walk towards them. She stretched out her hand, and the kitten leapt into it. She carefully placed the kitten on her palm and stroked her back gently.  "I think she likes you," Jack said. “How about we all get a pet for ourselves since Sarah got one already?” Princess suggested. They all agreed, and walked around the garden, stopping by, and approaching different creature. "Look what I found," Princess said, running to a little fox that stayed alone, without interacting with the other animals. “Be careful Princess. That’s a fox.” Jack called back. “It’s a little fox, Jack. He seems harmless and I think he needs a friend, he is lonely.” Princess replied. Although princess was scared, she decided to let go of her shyness and pick up the little fox. “Come here, Berry. Your friend has come to pick you.” Princess said to the little fox, and went back to her friends. “Jack, Nelson and Sarah, meet my new friend, Berry,” Princess said. “He had a fine body. I like his pink fur. He doesn’t look dangerous a bit.” Nelson commented. “I think I need a dog,” Jack said and went in search of one. “There are no dogs in magic land," Sarah called back. “Maybe there are dogs, but they call them by another name," Princess replied. “What pet do you want Nelson?” Sarah asked. “I think I will get a dog as well," Nelson replied. “Hmm. alright, let’s go search for one.” Sarah said. While on the search for a dog for Nelson, Jack came back with two dogs. “Look, guys. Our adventure just got interesting. We have two dogs of different gender here. Let's see if they will fall in love before leaving.” Jack said. They all laughed at his statement.

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Book Title: The Magic Land

Book Author: The Blacksword,Miranda Topping,Blacksword404

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