The Sex Issue (English Edition)

THE SEX ISSUE is a beautiful, shocking, fact-filled book that answers all the questions that we've always wondered about, but may have been too shy to askIt will be broken into three sections - sexuality, seduction, sex - sharing why the topic captures attention and is paramount to our lives. Goop editors introduce the experts they rely on for sex tips, and dive into focused Q&As that explore the ins and outs of sexual health, pleasure, and everything you need to know to be prepared for the best sex of your life.Part 1, Sexuality: What sexuality means, looks and feels like today - and how we can better tap into our sexual power, with advice on increasing libido, toys in the bedroom, Bondage and Tantra. Part 2, Seduction: Helps the reader explore the art of sexuality and seduction with advice on attracting new partners, tips on reigniting the flame once it's gone out, and how to do casual sex right.Part 3: Sex: Questions and answers on the act of doing it, from the keys to sexual health, strengthening sex practices, to masturbation, to avoiding boredom, to multiple orgasms and how to get them.Plus, there's a NSFW appendix that answers all your WTF questions, from the salacious to the random. Throughout the book you'll find endcaps of sexual positions, sidebars of mind-blowing stats, quotes about sex and personal anecdotes (i.e. how I lost my virginity).

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Book Title: The Sex Issue (English Edition)

Book Author: The Editors of Goop

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