New York in Art 2021 Deluxe Engagement Book Calendar

An elegant, cloth-spine desk diary filled with evocative photographs and paintings of New York City from The Met's collection. â&;&;New York City is defined by its soaring skyscrapers and broad bridges. But it&;s also represented by modest scenes of quiet backyards and placid parks. This weekly engagement calendar from The Met showcases the tall and the small in paintings, photographs, and prints, all from the Museum&;s collection. Here are John Marin&;s dynamic view of the skyline and Edward Hopper&;s scene of a subdued restaurant; Childe Hassam&;s impressionist aerial images of the city&;s essential squares and Dona Nelson&;s intimate representation of an apartment kitchen table. From the tip of Liberty&;s torch to the stairway of the subway, every week offers a new sight to enjoy as you keep track of appointments and occasions. â&;&; Pages alternate between glossy paper for art pages and matte paper for calendar pages for ease of writing. Hardcover with concealed spiral binding and cloth spine, ribbon marker, and packaged in a polybag.

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Book Title: New York in Art 2021 Deluxe Engagement Book Calendar

Book Author: The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

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ISBN: 1419745115