In Love With Him

Brooklyn Smith is a young-seventeen-year old that is ready to be grown and out her mother house. Tired of sneaking around and being under her mom watchful eye, Brooklyn is rebelling more every day. She can’t help herself and it doesn’t make it any better she has the finest man around town who has a stronghold on her young heart and mind.DeMarco Johnson is known for his ruthless, violent and manipulative ways in the streets and with the ladies and young Brooklyn is no different. Tammy, Brooklyn mom is disgusted and at her wits end that this thirty-three-year-old will not let her baby go. Mama says run! Demarco says stay! Mama doesn’t know it yet, but she’s met her match in DeMarco. His money is just as long as her. Will Brooklyn listen and leave this man, or will she stay? Join Brooklyn on this dark and passionate ride.

Book Details

Book Title: In Love With Him

Book Author: thereal darkbeauty

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1092146202