The Limerick, Restored: A Seminal Revitalization of the Literary Tradition

By purchasing this volume, you are participating in the restoration of a culture from the brink of total collapse.Please, allow me to explain.The limerick is a type of folk poem with its origins in the early 18th-century Anglo world. Often hilariously erotic, lewd limericks constitute an essential literary category in the canon of English poetry. But with the 21st-century rise of political correctness, this great tradition has been reduced to a pathetic, shriveled version of its former self. No truly brilliant collection of originals has been seen in decades, and the anthologies are gathering dust.With nowhere else to turn, the literati of today are relegated to digging up old copies of out-of-print classics to satisfy their lust for the vile hilarity, delightful vocabulary, and singsong rhythm of this vital poetic form. This decline is a great loss for the art and literature world, and a tragedy for our language at large. Once a pillar of literary humor, the decline of the X-rated limerick represents the decline of civilization itself; a symbol of our cultural descent into a world of bland, dystopic sterility and aimless outrage.It’s time that this wrong was righted. To that end, please enjoy this book of over 1,000 original limericks for a fresh generation; a collection of delightfully disgusting poems replete with modern references for the new century’s readers. Old students of the limerick desperate for new material will be delighted to find it here, and those still uninitiated into this important English tradition can now discover it in earnest.Your participation in this cultural revitalization is nothing short of historic.Onward!Yours Truly,Gulliver Einhorn, Esq., Personal Representative of the Poxy Brothers

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Book Title: The Limerick, Restored: A Seminal Revitalization of the Literary Tradition

Book Author: The Poxy Brothers

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ISBN: 1675512949