Picture Book of Catholic Hymns: For Seniors with Dementia | Large Print Dementia Activity Book for Seniors | Present/Gift Idea for Catholic Seniors

All versions of our picture books (Paperback and E-book) are discreetly made, to make sure there are no mention of Dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer, Parkinson, or any form of sicknesses, and saddening words, both in the titles of the books and interiors. In addition, our books are kept as simple and with the fewest number of pages as possible, based on medical professional advice. This is to prevent the users from getting overwhelmed, which is the reason they lose interest in "normal books" We implore our customers to check the number of pages available in our books before ordering. This is because, compared to normal books, our dementia books are of more fewer pages, which might be a turn off to some customers. But be re-assured, dementia patients, especially seniors, appreciate our books' content and the fact that they can easily pick them up and finish reading within minutes.Having conversations with seniors with dementia and other challenges (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, memory loss or those rehabilitating after a stroke) can be challenging. So do finding something they show interest in. This title offers a means to get our loved ones' attention, with the aid of colorful high resolution pictures, accompanying popular catholic hymns and Gregorian chants. They are everyday mass' hymns/chants, which they can easily remember and sing out. The book is short and concise enough to keep their attention. Also, it is filled with beautiful images of Nature, the Vatican, our mother Mary, and other relatable Catholic images; to keep users attached. It will stir up conversations, bring up memories, and also re-enforce a sense of self-identity.This picture book includes:◆ 22 pages of well-known Catholic Large Print Hymns and Gregorian Chants , with the words on left pages. (A mix of English and Latin Hymns)◆ The length of each hymn/chant is kept intentionally short, to retain the attention of the reader.◆ Lovely pictures that go well with the theme of each hymn/chant on the adjacent pages.◆ We've crafted a 6 X 9 inch book that is the perfect size to hold, either with on hand or two.◆ Light weight book, with matte cover◆ Very colorful book cover design and interior.◆ Specifically made for seniors with dementia.Usage idea for caregiversSit beside your loved-one in a quiet area with no distractions.Provide a pillow as support for him/her to rest the back on. Another pillow can be provided for him/her on the lap to rest his/her hands on. Don't be in a hurry. Allow him/her the time to flip through each page, and remember the hymn. It may remind them of other things. This may also lead to other conversations. Follow through with them. This book can also be used with groups, as an activity book, where each person discusses a hymn/chant.

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Book Title: Picture Book of Catholic Hymns: For Seniors with Dementia | Large Print Dementia Activity Book for Seniors | Present/Gift Idea for Catholic Seniors

Book Author: The Word Evangelical Ministries Inc,Mountain Top Books

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