ASAP U.S. Government & Politics: A Quick-Review Study Guide for the AP Exam (College Test Preparation)

Looking for sample exams, practice questions, and test-taking strategies? Check out our extended, in-depth prep guide, Cracking the AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam!LIKE CLASS NOTES—ONLY BETTER. The Princeton Review's ASAP U.S. Government & Politics is designed to help you zero in on just the information you need to know to successfully grapple with the AP test. No questions, no drills: just review.Advanced Placement exams require students to have a firm grasp of content—you can't bluff or even logic your way to a 5. Like a set of class notes borrowed from the smartest student in your grade, this book gives you exactly that. No tricks or crazy stratagems, no sample essays or practice sets: Just the facts, presented with lots of helpful visuals. Inside ASAP U.S. Government & Politics, you'll find:• Essential concepts, institutions, and policies for AP United States Gov & Politics—all explained clearly & concisely• Lists, charts, and graphs for quick visual reference• A three-pass icon system designed to help you prioritize learning what you MUST, SHOULD, and COULD know in the time you have available• "Ask Yourself" questions to help identify areas where you might need extra attention• A resource that's perfect for last-minute exam prep and for daily class workTopics covered in ASAP U.S. Government & Politics include:• The institutions of national government• Constitutional underpinnings• Political beliefs & behaviors• Civil rights & civil liberties• Congress, the presidency, the bureaucracy, and the federal courts• Public policy• Political parties, interest groups, and mass media... and more!

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Book Title: ASAP U.S. Government & Politics: A Quick-Review Study Guide for the AP Exam (College Test Preparation)

Book Author: The Princeton Review

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ISBN: 1524757667